Executive Director

Sonya Thomas

"I never want another parent to feel the way that I felt when I realized that my son was not receiving a quality education. Our children deserve better! If anyone says that they are receiving the best then they are not telling the truth."

Organizing and Outreach Director

John Little, II

"I do this work because I think all children deserve a high quality, public education. I believe education is the key to success in America, and for far too long the keys in Black and Brown America have not worked for our children."

Organizing Specialist

Torvis Gardner

"I've seen too many Black boys graduate in May and be in jail in June. They can't read or write but walked across the stage to graduate. Without an education they resort to drugs and the street. I don't want that to happen to my kids. Before my uncle passed, I promised him I would finish the fight. I'm here for the fight."

Programming Support

Vesia Hawkins

"Black children and children in poverty deserve the academic excellence afforded to well-resourced children in public education."

Organizing Specialist

Teaira King

"When I look back at my education and see what it was like and think of my siblings education, it makes me wonder what can I do to make a change. I toss and turn at night thinking my son and all children will be left like we were!! I want to be their voice!!"