Nashville PROPEL’s MOVEMENT BUILDERS characteristics

VISIONARY - Consistently focus on a clear vision for educational equity, moving others to take action

1) Show up and speak out powerfully on behalf of their educational vision 2) Speak to education vision in the face of opposition and naysayers 3) Deliver vision with a commanding and inspiring presence, moving others to act 4) Focus self and others on educational vision daily

ENTHUSIAST - Believe change is possible and optimistically and enthusiastically engage others

1) Take action despite individual or team setbacks  2) When others are expressing that “things aren’t possible” they respond by saying “have you thought about this,” “we can make this happen,” “what else can we try,”etc.  3) Are generous with praise, quick to smile, an always on the lookout for the upside  4) Continually express the belief that parents can and should lead the change in their communities  5) Verbally challenge the idea that change is impossible

ACHIEVER - Have a “roll up their sleeves” attitude and use it to get things done

1) Push team to move from discussion to action 2) Regularly step up for additional opportunities 3) Consistently set and reach goals 4) Assist team to focus on and organize their work in order to complete tasks 5) Persist and tackle challenges by not giving up

KNOWLEDGE SEEKER - Are curious and eager to learn

1) Demonstrate curiosity, probing and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding 2) Seek out additional information about the state of education and best practices 3) Share new information on topics relevant to the work 4) Research information in an attempt to consistently learn

RELATIONSHIP + TEAM BUILDER - Understand they are a part of a greater whole

1) Listen well and incorporate voices of parents, teammates and partners 2) Grow the movement by supporting the leadership of parents, teammates and partners 3) Deeply connect and engage, using familial terms like “mom, aunts, cousins,” when referring to parents and teammates 4) Offer feedback to assist them to develop their skills 5) Ask questions and show genuine interest in others’ feelings, goals, fears and dreams 6) Stay in regular contact, continually deepen the relationship 7) Humble

GROWER - Seek to continuously improve themselves

1) Ask for help and feedback from teammates 2) Seek opportunities that help them stretch and incorporate new skills 3) Actively engage in the coaching process 4) Share their areas of growth with teammates